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The complexity of our communications is increasing daily: the world is digitalizing at breakneck speed, the flood of information is rising exponentially, and new platforms are sprouting up all the time. The world of brands and products is also becoming more and more fast-paced, cycles are shorter, and diversity is increasing daily.

The consequence: the more confusing and complex the range of products and brands, the more consumers long for orientation, for authenticity and simplicity. The penetration of brands to the relevant target groups is becoming increasingly challenging.

The difference no longer lies in the product alone, but increasingly in the emotional substance of a brand, its story and the values of the company. The decisive factor is what the brand offers the consumer in addition to the pure product experience.

Sport offers a reliable platform for building up or expanding this substance.

Sport is where the people are, more than 70 million Germans are interested in sport. (AWA 2023)